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Levels 1, 2, and 3
Get the best multimedia Arabic Language tutoring software for all levels and ages. Learn everything you need about the Arabic language, culture and heritage. Learn how to read, write and speak in Arabic in 30 days, then complete your Arabic language study with Mualimi's new version 5.1 comprehensive Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels (1,2,3) in 200 hours of study at your own pace with ease.
Mualimi v5.1 is an advanced, audio-visual, on-the-fly translation, user-friendly, Arabic language tutoring program with step-by-step audio instructions and ample exercises for practice. It's like having a home tutor.
Session Planning:  Here is all what you need to achieve success in learning Arabic at your own pace.
Learn Easy with Quick Tips:  The Quick Tips window in My Arabic Teacher is an excellent source of understanding Arabic grammar for the Intermediate Level 2 and the Advanced Level 3 with hypertext capabilities and ample examples.
Competitive upgrade:  If you have tried the rest then it is time to get the best.
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